Why Digital Marketing Is A Necessity

Digital marketing is a necessity, period.

A relatively new, yet old concept. Something widely accepted now, in contrast to the past.

If I had to write this article some 5 years back, things would have been much different.

It was a sector yet to be explored, with limited digital marketing career opportunities.

Digital marketing 5 years back, was anything but mainstream. Most Indian companies were relying on the practices of traditional marketing.

But after realising the importance of the evolving technologies with market forces, it kind of became a mandate to start practicing digital marketing.

Let’s have a look at some recent data to determine how it became the mainstream source of marketing.

Bangalore, 18th July 2016: The Digital Marketing Industry Report 2016 was released by Social Beat.

The report is based on a survey conducted in May-June 2016.

A total of 376 CMOs and Marketing Heads across India participated in the survey.

The companies which participated in the study were from various sectors and verticals including e-Commerce, FMCG, Media/Entertainment, Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, and Travel.

Speaking on the report, Social Beat Co-Founder Vikas Chawla said “The report highlights the rise of digital marketing, though brands continue to use television and print mediums to have a 360-degree approach. It was encouraging to see that 87% of the brands surveyed leverage digital marketing. While brand awareness and lead generation/sales seem to be the primary goals set by the CMOs, digital marketing is increasingly being leveraged for Customer Engagement (46%) and Customer Service (35%) too.”

Digital marketing has turned down the table of traditional marketing strategies & its practices.

Last year $68 billion was spent on the digital marketing industry.

Digital Marketing is booming with 40% growth rate.

Digital marketing has been successful in establishing a stronghold in the market place.

With the shift in the marketing practice, a whole new pool of digital marketing job opportunities have been created which make career in digital marketing as one of the best options for students and professionals.


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