Tips for small businesses to select Right Digital Marketing Agency

Internet, as a collaboration tool!

The Internet is a place where we all get connected through Google search, social media, email and different social networking websites. As per latest research, the usage of Internet has increased twice of what it used to be 10 years back.


What makes the internet so appealing?

The power to share information and knowledge is what has turned the internet from a simple project to a tool which has become an indispensable part of our lives.

We can share thoughts. We can share content. We can read ideas of others, etc, etc. In a nutshell, Internet today is the biggest collaboration space every built.

The rise of Internet

The very fundamental of marketing and promotion is to reach the target audience. A few years back, the target audience were a scatted lot. You would find them scattered in a huge space. Hence, the astronomical budgets of corporate to reach them.

The only medium of getting them all together was TV. Yes, the very old “idiot box” had everyone glued to the programs at the same time, thereby commanding a premium for TV ads.

Fast forward today and you will notice TV has slowly and gradually started giving its predominant position as the numerous medium of advertisement to Internet.

As per latest statistics, “According to we are social, the average individuals spends only one hour and 58 minutes per day watching TV, compared to five hours and four minutes accessing the Internet from a PC or tablet each day”

Marketing on Internet:

By now we know how important internet is today.

The rise of internet led to a new breed of marketing professionals looking at ways to tap the new market. Initially called as “Internet Marketers”, they have over the years have undergone drastic transformation in terms of names and responsibilities.

One fine day, the god of Internet “Google” appeared from nowhere and said, “Thou shalt be rechristened as “Digital Marketer”” (I am just making it up 😊 ).

Along came a lot of companies which provide digital solutions.

Some of the digital marketing agencies for small businesses have done a wonderful job over the years.

Digital marketing is now a crucial part of any company’s overall marketing and sales promotional strategies. 

How Digital Marketing can help your small business:

1. Digital marketing gives you the power to drill down and precisely locate your target demographic. Far gone are those traditional marketing strategy using “Spray and pray” method.

2. Email marketing is cheaper, easier to set up, can be measured much more accurately and an entire campaign can be set-up and run by one person.

3. Everything can be measured precisely, From social media to SEO, there is vast suite of tools available for digital marketers to use in order to prove that their campaigns are working. If not you can save money by pivoting to another strategy quickly and efficiently.

4. For small businesses, having low budget rather than hiring and managing team, invest money in hiring a digital marketing agency.

5. And since, all of the digital marketing is done online, results are much quicker. Faster marketing results lead to faster sales.

For an entrepreneur, for a businessman, or for writers, digital marketing is a magic wand which is doing magic in internet space. It is undisputedly quicker than traditional marketing. 

Ask me how?

Let’s take a simple example. Suppose you have a product brochure which you want to use a promotional material using traditional methods of promotion.

Since you are using a traditional method, you are not putting it online. You will go door to door (the oldest of methods of promotions) and meet clients. You will either show them your brochures or put them it into their letter box. 

It worked a few years back when internet was in its infancy stage. The biggest disadvantage of the method was, you were clueless with, whether your brochure actually grabbed some eyeballs or not.

It might be you are feeding it to the wrong customers who are not even in a mood to look at your product (forget buying). This is where internet changed the way things are done. With Digital Marketing, using internet as a platform you can easily do this the smarter way.

Today, you send an email and attach an open tag with the email. When the user opens the email and clicks on one of the links, you get a notification. Still, don’t know how it is done? Try any of the mailing services like Mailchimp, Aweber to learn more about email marketing.

1. While running an Ad campaign, identify and follow the rules of your search engine as all have slightly different formats ( especially Google, Bing and Yahoo!)

2. For local businesses, you need to optimize your site with local information like your address, phone number, timings, geo-specific keywords in order to get found by the local customers.

3. When you post a post, enable share buttons on your blog so that reader can easily post your content and you can generate some new customers on your website.

4. It's mandatory to have a social media account and make sure to set up alerts that notify when someone comments, messages or mentions you. And Do reply!

5. Images can help sell your business, never name your image as “photo.jpg” instead put some alt-text or captions on your website.

6. Always remember, whenever someone promotes your website, always share. So that other get to know about your service.


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